Reel Steer ~ Roping Practice Made Easy

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Watch the video and see how easy it is to
practice roping with Reel Steer.
Reel Steer is easy to operate, simple to set up,
and makes roping practice hassle-free.

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Patent # US 6,945,534 B1 Sept 20, 2005

Reel Steer


The Reel Steer is a unique new roping tool for the beginner roper to learn on and the experienced roper to practice on. Reel Steer is designed for the team roping header, calf ropers and break away ropers. Reelsteer has interchangeable calf and corriente heads.

Reel Steer is powered by a heavy duty rewind spring that pulls the realistic plastic body in a straight line at a consistent speed which can be adjusted for beginners. The consistency of the Reel Steer helps the roper improve hand eye coordination and muscle memory while chasing, swinging the rope, catching, dallying and steer stopping. The rewind reel is designed to pull the plastic steer body 145 feet at an average speed of a practice steer, and if you miss, there's a breaking mechanism on the steer that will stop it at the end of the run. Once the steer is pushed back and latched into the release frame, you're ready for another run.

The Reel Steer doesn't require a 4 wheeler to pull it or electricity and can be set up so you can practice by yourself. The Reel Steer is Reel Easy... all you need is a flat spot 175 feet long and you're ready to rope.

Reel Steer ~ Roping Practice Made Reel Easy
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