I became interested in team roping 8 years ago and was quickly frustrated while learning to rope. The main problem is trying to learn to rope on live cattle; they are for the most part unpredictable and inconsistent.

Learning to rope requires repetition and consistency, and then there's the safety issue of learning on live cattle.

The first time you catch a live steer and miss your dally, you could very well miss a couple of digits as well. I knew there had to be a better way to  practice and I wanted to be able to practice by myself when it was convenient for me.

Enter the ReelSteer who began life as $15.00 worth of pvc cut and glued into an obscure sort of bovine skeleton that eventually suffered from two many crashes at the end of the arena. The later prototypes were of steel tubing and endured much better.

Today I have a patent on my system and and a practice steer that you can learn to rope on, train your horse, or improve your skills.

Reel Steer ~ Roping Practice Made Easy
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